Happy 50th Birthday, Big Sis!

Jun 19, 2020

To my Big Sis!

I have to say, you’re one of a kind.  You have always been there for me in your special way!  Now, we’ve had our differences, but we have always come back together as one, because we’re brother and sister, no matter what this life throws at us. Hopefully my grammar is correct! You, grammar freak! lol

I wrote this poem for you for your 50thbirthday!

My Big Sis’s Shine
When nobody else was there, you shined!
When nobody else said something, you cared!
When it all comes down to it, no matter the circumstances!
You brawled through it all and your smile continues to gleam!
My Big Sis of mine!

Thank you for being my shining light during my times of selfishness and fright!

I hope that your 50thbirthday is the best and I wish I was there to celebrate this special moment with you and the family!  I love all of ya’ll!


International man of mystery! Nah, just kidding, just a simple man with a need to help everyone!

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