"Happy 4th of July" from theweritoshow in Lima Peru!

Jul 04, 2020

Happy Fourth of July from Lima Peru from theweritoshow.com

Yes, I'm a Navy Veteran and I was trying to help families and Chefs around the world, through my Peruvian Fusion Food Show and then the Corona hit, and now I am in Peru celebrating one of the best days in American History.

Unfortunately, a lot of history is being deleted. I we delete history, we haven't learned anything yet!  


America is an amazing country and you can't let idiocracy take over the land of the FREE! That FREEDOM, is more important than you can ever imagine and nothing else compares to IT!!!!!!

Poem from:  Byron Davenport II

I Veteran:

I fought for you and the people destroy you!

I gave up my FREEDOM to serve you and the people laugh at you!

I gave you my LIFE, and you took it away!

I gave you everything I had until there was none!    

Let me ask you?  What have you done, lately as one?  

Nothing I see, but destroy, what has been FOUGHT for, our FREEDOM!

I Veteran, see all your ungrateful actions, to our UNSUNG HEROS and FREEDOM fighters!

Yes, I Veteran, SEE IT ALL!

Everyone needs stop and recognize that our past only makes us stronger for the future and for generations to come!

On a positive note!  May GOD BLESS the USA and all my friends and family from around the world!  

Thanks for supporting theweritoshow!  


International man of mystery! Nah, just kidding, just a simple man with a need to help everyone!

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