Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for Your Service!

Nov 10, 2021

Hello everyone!  

As we look at history and what we've gone through the past few years.  We need to sit back and appreciate what veterans have done for this country and the world.  As a veteran myself, I know that with all my travels around the world, I realized either stupidity or intelligence exists in this whole big planet.  If we just sit back and watch the world fall apart, then who are we to judge or discriminate against anyone.  

We all need to come together and love thy neighbor and borders as one, in fact everyone should see how all the amazing differences could create wonder world. If we could all just stop and see the destruction and carelessness, and so many innocent children and people being left out with no hope or promise for the present or the future.  We can read all the books and have the smartest people in the world, but with out common sense everything will continue to fall apart within every level.  

Nobody is perfect and I will tell you that I'm not, but at least my show will love this world and anyone that is involved in my life till the day I leave this planet.  My promise as a an American Veteran, I will continue to love and support my country until I leave for good.  We have to remember we're all together in this big old crazy mess, that we all did together. Now, it's time to unwind the idiocrasy and show love for one another and build a world that will help one another.  

Please tell a Veteran, they deserve so much more love than they receive in this country.  

Thanks for all your love and support and may all you Veterans have an amazing day with your family and friends!

Love ya'll - Byron (theweritoshow)

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