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I wrote this poem when my mother flew into the sky!!!

It's Your Turn - By: Byron Davenport

It's your turn to dance and be free from LIFE crazy discrepancies.
It's your turn to laugh and sing for  a beautiful eternity.
It's your turn to be joyful and bright and fly high with no pains of this world to see.
It's your turn to be happy with no worries.  It's your turn to breathe.  Mom it's your turn! Don't look back just let it be and dance for me.
Byron Davenport(theweritoshow)

El poema de mi madre: es tu turno

Es tu turno de bailar y liberarte de las discrepancias de la vida. Es tu turno de reír y cantar por la eternidad. Es hora de ser alegre y brillante y vivir sin dolores del mundo para ver. Es tu turno de ser feliz sin preocupaciones. Es tu turno de respirar. Mamá es tu turno! No mires atrás, solo déjalo ser y baila para mí.
Byron Davenport (theweritoshow)

Our Messed Up Society - Nuestra sociedad desordenada
Open your eyes society, what do you see?  Nothing but a mess, that was created by you and me! We are always looking for solutions or remedies, but we won't take responsibility for this messed up society. The fact is that our adults and children are neglected and pushed off to the side for another day to be taken away and nobody cares to remember or think of their name.  Feeling neglected and pushed away there are those that think they have the right to take away, because they have been abandoned and not accepted for their brain. Now it’s time for all to see, open your eyes and give those that suffer and think that they are alone another chance to breathe free in this messed up society. Now what do you see?  Obviously, it’s you and it’s me that can make a difference to change this messed up society! Peace will be, if we can only see!  
Abre tus ojos sociedad, ¿qué ves? ¡Nada más que un desastre creado por usted y por mí! Siempre estamos buscando soluciones o remedios, pero no nos hacemos responsables de esta sociedad desordenada. El hecho es que nuestros adultos y niños son descuidados y empujados a un lado para que se los lleven otro día y a nadie le importa recordar o pensar en su nombre. Sintiéndose descuidados y alejados, están aquellos que piensan que tienen derecho a quitar, porque han sido abandonados y no aceptados por su cerebro. Ahora es el momento para que todos vean, abran los ojos y den a los que sufren y piensen que están solos otra oportunidad de respirar libremente en esta sociedad desordenada. Ahora, ¿qué ves? ¡Obviamente, eres tú y soy yo quien puede marcar la diferencia para cambiar esta sociedad desordenada! ¡La paz será, si solo podemos ver!
By Byron G.D.

June 10th, 87th Day of Quarantine 2020 Lima Peru!
We still really have no idea what is really going on!  They say that we should be opening soon, but, how knows! You never know until the door is wide open!  We have new members to our International Marketplace and everything is going great!
Staying positive and proactive as much as I can with my samurai kidney stones! :)  I hope everyone stays safe and proactive with every step you take and be very safe! Have a great day!
Byron, theweritoshow

May 31st still in quarantine in Lima Peru, and there is chaos in my country! My prayers are for all the people that are suffering!  My prayers are also for all those that only see color and not just different cultures!  God bless the world!  - El 31 de mayo todavía está en cuarentena en Lima, Perú, ¡y hay caos en mi país! ¡Mis oraciones son por todas las personas que sufren! ¡Mis oraciones también son para todos aquellos que solo ven color y no solo culturas diferentes! Dios bendiga al mundo!

May 25th, another day of quarantine in Lima Peru, it's getting real! But, filmed this before all the chaos! Going with the flow of thing!  Making it all right!

May 24th, 202 Quarantine 2020 Lima Peru

So I skipped a day, it was crazy yesterday! Had a fire that was really close to home.  It feels like the Twilight Zone in Lima Peru.  But, on a positive not the Werito International Marketplace is coming alive.  I appreciate all my friends and family members!  Thanks for your love!  

May 22nd, 2020

Still quarantined and being productive creating this website.  Plus, dealing with a kidney stone, sucks the big one! But, if you have lost as much weight as I have, your body will go through a transformation. So, yes YOU, little samurai warriors attacking my back and body, PLEASE GO AWAY! DON'T EVER COME BACK AGAIN!  But, I appreciate being alive and being able to share my love for life as much as I can before it's my time to expire into the wind!
So, day by day, Going with the flow things!

Another repeat of the same 66th day quarantined in Lime Peru! theweritoshow
"Going with the flow of things"!

May 20th

Finally finished and released my new song that I wrote in quarantine in Lima Peru! 65th day!! :) all smiles and happiness! Love ya'll.  Asi es la vida!
Link to my new song :

Pisco Sour:

One of my favorite drinks in Lima Peru!  I have a good recipe if you would like it!  Amazing!!!

theweritoshow started quarantine in Lima Peru, 16 March and today is May 19th, we are staying positive and excited about the future of the show.  We are focusing on what counts and taking care of those in need.  Stay tuned for more love for food!
Theweritoshow comenzó la cuarentena en Lima, Perú, el 16 de marzo y hoy es 19 de mayo, nos mantenemos positivos y entusiasmados con el futuro del espectáculo. Nos estamos centrando en lo que cuenta y cuidando a los necesitados. ¡Estén atentos para más amor por la comida!

Be Different! You have to be the person you were born to be!

Here is a question most people ask?
What does "guero" "wero" mean?

And it doesn't have the same meaning as gringo or gringa.


Güero (sometimes spelled huero, guero or wero) is a word used in Mexico and some parts of Central and South America to denote a person of fair complexion or with blond, light brown or red hair. The feminine form is güera. Although güero/a typically refers to a blond person, in Mexico it can mean anyone of lighter hair, even a person with light brown hair, especially auburn hair. This is opposed to moreno, who is of dark brown or black-brown skin tones and/or Amerindian or Afro-Mexican origin.''

The word "güero" ultimately originates from the Spanish word huero (empty) from the phrase huevo huero (empty egg that was lost during incubation). The phrase huevo huero became associated with a sick person and from this association came the association with the color white. Güero may also refer to: Music

Being a Texas War Veteran, I have learned that, if you don't wake up every day like it's first day of a new day of your life, then you will be left behind!
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