Oct 04, 2021

Good everything is BIG Texas LOVE  afternoon,

I hope everyone is having a great day! I hope we're all learning that we all need to come together and support our fellow humans of all kinds.  The light that we have inside should never be put out!  Whatever light you have should stay strong, but also remember that everything we have in front of us is because of all the failures that we have endured though out our lives and other lifetimes. We have to take away the unfortunately of everything and see the beauty in each and everyone of US!

US, yes US, we can all do it together as ONE! We need to stop and appreciate all the failures and successes that we have had in our life's and come up with a plan that will attack hunger and many other things but the main culprit, IGNORANCE of not knowing the other side of things!  But, I'll be the first one to tell you I'm not perfect, but I work on loving perfectly the imperfect the right way as one LIGHT, because in the end what exactly are we if we don't LOVE each other with INTELLIGENCE. which incorporate everything!!!

SMALL BUSINESSES need your help!!

Please share and subscribe my YouTube page with all so they all can be love the right way!  The true Texas way!  Love them BIG or go HOME! Instead of bringing the Hell's Kitchen of madness of bullying and degrading someone's soul, let's give all the love we can until the END!

Thank you for all your support towards a Texas War Veteran trying to make a difference in the world until my last breath.  Love Ya'll theweritoshow

Again, please share and subscribe to CARE!

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