Weekend Warriors at Erma Rose Winery in Katy, TX.

Apr 12, 2021
Hello everyone around the world! I hope you're having an amazing day! Remember no matter what we're all together and as long as you have love in our heart and souls for one another, everything will work out!  
I had a great time at Erma Rose Winery at the Weekend Warriors event in Katy TX. check out their website https://ermarosewinery.orderport.net/ and with all the different food trucks and vendors at this event.  I also wanted to thank Daddy Duncan's BBQ for inviting theweritoshow to this awesome event in Katy Texas.  

Next event will be held 5/1/2021 5/1 from 5-10pm! Mark your calendar and come support local family owned businesses all in one place. It’s going to be a good one!

Weekend Warriors BBQ
Welcome to “Weekend Warriors” hosted by Daddy Duncan’s BBQ & ErmaRose Winery. Keep up with our event updates and support family-owned barbecue businesses.
Check out my video at this event below! Please make sure you subscribe and share the love!

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